Weapons Safety For The Hunter

09 Sep

A hunter can be seriously wounded for a lot of reasons, one of which is his improper handling of the weapon. Some may be too excited of their hunting expedition that they forget to practice important security measures in caring for their guns. Gun-related injuries are prevalent in the world of hunting and many are neglectful of the possibility of occurrence of these mishaps. However, a responsible and thinking hunter knows how to deal with the issue and safety precautions are highly regarded for his own benefit and safety. Carelessness is not included in his hunting agenda.

First and foremost, treating the gun as if it is always loaded even if it is not is one of the primary laws of safety hunting. It is a general rule for gun safety irrespective of the type or model of the weapon. One should never assume that a gun is unloaded so he will not forget to take precautions. He should never play with a gun, not even swirling it around nor pointing it to others as accidents always happen without prior notice. In addition, chances of accidental mishaps may arise due to some carelessness or over confidence. To be safe and secure, never forget to treat the gun as if it is always loaded even if it is not.

In connection with the abovementioned law of gun safety, it is essential to be dependable and maintain the gun unloaded until it is needed for the hunting expedition. This prevents improper handling that may lead to injury or death due to carelessness and inappropriate storing. Many unfortunate incidents happened that led to accidental shooting because guns were kept in truck compartments. Not only that the guns were improperly kept, they were also loaded so it fired unintentionally. To keep this from happening again, stay safe and keep the gun unloaded. The life that you may be saving may be yours or your loved ones.

At the hunting ground, it is valuable to practice techniques for safety hunting. Do not forget to keep fingers in index positions until it is time to fire. Doing so prevents accidental firing and accidental injuries. To be safe, fingers must be closed and away from the trigger. If it is unavoidable to hold a gun, keep your fingers away from any notches until the target is within the shooting range. Just a wrong move could result to accidental firing and unexpected injury or even death. When holding the gun, keep it pointed at a safe direction, but never to another person. This precaution is applied whether the gun is loaded or not. Also, do not attempt to look at the barrel of the gun just to check if it is loaded.

Never let someone that is under the influence handle a gun. Drugs, alcohol and guns are fatal combination. Do not ever make a mistake of combining these three as it will surely result of unfortunate events. And lastly, make it a point to never drop the gun as it may result to accidental firing.

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