Respecting Nature And Being Safe When You Hunt And Camp

26 Sep


Nature is beautiful and worth preserving. Therefore it is advisable to adopt nature-friendly ethics while hunting. Some of the ethics common among experienced hunters are as follows:

  • Try as much as possible to maintain a quiet atmosphere when camping overnight.
  • Do not cut or damage the woods.
  • See your stay in the bush as a visit to someone’s house and do not make unnecessary changes to the woods.
  • Try returning the areas close to its original form when leaving a campsite.
  • Do not leave any of your belongings behind.
  • Avoid leaving your trash like nylons, cans, papers and any other materials which cannot decompose lying about the camping area.
  • Since there are no toilets in the woods, always cover up your excrements with dirt.
  • Forest’s fires can be a huge natural disaster to animals and human beings alike. Remember the words of Smokey The Bear, “Only you can prevent forest fires”.
  • Put out your campfire with water and bury it to avoid it being rekindled by wind or dry leaves. This is to avoid forest fire, which can cause years of damage to the woods.
  • If you must set up a tree stand, go for a strong and mature tree. Do not damage a small tree with the weight of yourself and your gear.
  • Tie back stray branches with a rope instead of snapping them off.
  • Avoid using strings, copper or metal because it might damage the tree.
  • Bigger trees will give more room for you to explore your options when tying your ropes to the branches.

Tips on how to stay safe while hunting;

  • Beware of dangerous and aggressive animals like wild boar, bears, and mountain lions when hunting.
  • Be on the look out to avoid direct contact with any animal you are not trying to harvest.
  • If by chance you come across any aggressive animal, put your hand down and back out slowly while maintaining a steady eye contact with the animal. If you fret or act aggressive, the animal will attack you just to defend itself. If it does attack you, roll into the fetal position and play possum.
  • Clear the ground before camping overnight, this will scare away reptiles and insects such as snakes, centipedes and scorpions. Because most of these animals are curious about any change in their environment, they might hide in your bedding and other camp gear.
  • Check your gear very well before leaving the area. This is to avoid packing any unwanted animal or insect in your bedding or backpack.
  • Bad weather poses a huge problem for hunters, especially during winter. Always pay attention to the weather, and if possible get updates before heading out. This will help you to decide the kind of clothes to wear.
  • Wear hunter orange to be recognized by other hunters in your area.
  • If there are wind gusts, avoid standing close to trees. This will prevent weak branches from slapping you in the face or breaking off and harming you.
  • If you are camping overnight, carry a battery charged flood or torch light.
  • Do not set up your camp fire near your tent or any tree.
  • Check that the fire is out before leaving the area.

While teaching your children basics of successful and effective hunting, endeavor to teach them the importance of respecting nature and its environments. The best way to do that is by being a role model to them by exhibiting respectful behavior when hunting with them. This will guarantee that future generations can also enjoy hunting.   

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