Hunting With A Tree Stand

16 Sep

There are many things to consider when being an avid deer hunter way before you even attempt to go out and catch that prize deer. Will you hunt from the ground or use a tree stand? If you use a stand, will you need more than one?

To answer these questions we must first think of where you will be hunting and the weather. You should already have a spot that is meant for hunting picked out and Ok’d long before you even go out. Make sure this is an ideal spot and a safe location. You simply can’t just go out with your rifle and sit in the woods, expecting them to come to you. Deer hunting takes time and much patience as well as being prepared for any situation so that you can react quickly, all the while never disturbing the area and scaring off your target.

Many hunters actually plant deer plots with the deer’s preferred vegetation to attract them to a particular area. Not only does this get the deer to come to the spot of your choice but it also gets them comfortable and relaxed enough to let their guard down. As any hunter will tell you, a calm and relaxed deer makes for a happy hunter! It might help you to research what certain foods the deer you want to hunt likes best as well as what they eat or need for different times of the year. There are many food plots available for you too buy but you really need to do your research on this one ahead of time to ensure the most success.

As far as tree stands go, it would definitely be helpful and almost always advantageous to have two stands, preferably stands that are very portable and easy to adjust. Deer are very sensitive and can smell the scent of someone with ease and any scent at all will make them uncomfortable and easily scared off.

So the most important thing for you to remember, prior to your hunting trip with deer hunting outfitters, is to place your tree stands so the wind blows from the deer to you and not the other way around. You are also going to want to make sure that you purchase some scent eliminator for any article of clothing. Highly recommended is also to not smoke or bring anything with you that might put out even the slightest odor. After all, the goal here is to attract the deer, not chase them away by making an easily preventable mistake.

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